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Leakage Repair

        PU FOAM is a hydrophobic polyurethane grout designed to stop water leaks. It is typically injected into cracks in concrete, honeycombed concrete, soils, pipes, pipe intrusions, and other voids by use of a high-pressure pump. The liquid polyurethane reacts with water or moisture, expands, creating dense, closed cell foam through which water cannot pass through. In an unconfined environment the expansion rate is 20 times its original volume

• Permanently stop unwanted water which is infiltrating through:
• Defective concrete (cracked or honey-combed).
• Concrete joints.
• Limestone (tunnels, dams).
• Pipe intrusions.
• Wastewater tanks.
• Conduits.
• Sewers, manholes, utility boxes, etc.

• Easy to apply-one component with accelerator.
• Permanently flexible
• Hydrohobic-only a smal amount of water needed for reaction.
• Safe to environment (cured product is inert).
• Bridges wide gaps.
• Economical.





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